Open boodmo App or Visit and follow the below procedures to find parts:

Using SEARCH bar:

  • In the Search bar, enter the required part name/number or your car’s information (model, year, fuel, etc)
  • Our Smart Search will give you the results as per your inputs which you can choose to get to the exact required part for your car. Check out the below video

Using CAR or VIN details:

  • To find parts using “CAR or VIN, you first have to select either of these two options

  • Enter/select the asked details & you’ll be redirected to the vehicle catalog from where you can choose the required parts

Using Garage:

  • Login to boodmo App, click on Garage & Save your vehicle details there.

  • You’ll be able to Search Parts or OEM catalog of the saved car from there. 

For any assistance, click the Support option on our website/app & share your requirement along with vehicle details (VIN, model year, brand, etc.)